To Fear or Not to Fear that is the Question

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. My entries are meant to inspire or to be thought-provoking. However, it’s been hard to stay optimistic since March of 2020, when the virus started to change our lives. My last blog talked about how the virus brought our country together amid a great political divide. Anyone with open eyes and ears could see the odd yet refreshing comradery for a short period, as it turned out. It was less than a month later, the familiar hatred and disdain within people escalated to a level that I’ve never seen in my adult life. The things people say on social media are past hurtful and bordered on evil. I’ve heard it said the truth hurts, and it can, but the truth’s pain usually ends with a lesson learned. The hurtful rhetoric that we’ve been witnessing was not the truth, and I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on; who could segregate what was true and false. I don’t mean to say you can’t find the truth, but who has the time to do the research, especially when the truth is obscured by people that professionally manipulate the truth. The non-stop stories spuing out of the media and social media were 90% lies or exaggerations, in my opinion (based on my limited research). If you heard the truth, you most likely questioned it or denounced it unless favorable to your side.
This blog’s point has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with how fear controls us. When the virus was first identified, it was unknown how deadly it was. Everyone was afraid, even the doctors and scientists whose diagnosis was dire, expecting 2.2 million in the United States to die from the pandemic in the first few months. The magnitude of fear throughout the world came from an unknown virus that no one knew how to control. When we first needed to shop for supplies, how scary it was to be around people in stores. I also recall my wife spraying everything and everyone with Lysol before entering our home. Yes, this unknown fear of the virus that no one had a handle on made politicians work together. We all saw it if you were paying attention.
After a few weeks, we realized that not all people were vulnerable to the virus, and it seemed to affect the elderly and unhealthy. That’s when hate and disdain returned with a vengeance. The virus the doctors and scientists previously didn’t know how to control was now controllable. The fear subsided significantly in the people that control the masses. However, these same people saw a political advantage by keeping the masses in fear. Shutdowns of entire cities and states came quickly across the country. I don’t think it was supposed to hurt the people and businesses as it did and still is. The stimulus money was supposed to help those in need and prevent an economic depression. As we know, now it wasn’t restaurants and businesses that were the spreaders of the virus. The shutdowns were optical to keep us in fear. How’s it possible Walmart is exempt from people being able to contract the virus, but a small mom and pop grocery store needed to shut down. The fear of the masses was and still is being controlled by the people that can benefit from keeping us in fear. It wasn’t just the politicians trying to win the Presidency of the United States. The world’s largest companies profited during the pandemic while small businesses are still trying to survive.
I am not saying the virus was bullshit because people died and are still dying. Wash your hands, social distance, and wear a mask, are reasonable request that would not impose unwarranted fear. Shutdowns of schools, churches, and small businesses imposed unnecessary fear and created needless anxiety that further divided the people. The shutdowns amplified the disdain and hatred among the masses. Hate can only exist if love is removed and if controlled fear present. In this case, they took away our love of freedom by shutting us down and kept us in fear by lying to us about the virus. I’m sure you all have seen the numbers of people dying from the virus. People are dying from the virus itself, but tens of thousands of other people die from overdoses, domestic violence, suicides, etc. These deaths are classified in hospitals as the cause of death due to Covid-19. Not all the numbers you hear about people dying are dying from the virus, but it helps to maintain the fear with higher numbers to report. One other point I’d like to make here is, the initial fear of the virus brought us together, even if for only a short period. It was the control of fear that separated us. Know the difference between the fear being imposed on you. If it’s spuing hate, you’re controlled by others.
So what fear are they tapping into that is controlling the masses? Death and mortality have worked to control the masses for thousands of years. Two thousand years ago, the Romans crucified people along the main road so that all entering the city lived in fear of possible death if they didn’t do as told by the Empire. Using death as a fear to control us hasn’t changed over the years. I never realized until the pandemic how many people are afraid of dying. Many people are so scared of dying; they are no longer live a free happy life. We fear death because it’s an unknown, but it’s a natural response to fear the unknown. Our 80+/- years of life is a spec of sand in the sands of eternity. Our life is our greatest gift from God, and we should want to live a long full life, but death is inevitable, and to fear it is futile. I have read stories of people that looked death in the face, and as a result, they no longer fear it, and in some cases, they took up activities like mountain climbing or hang gliding because after their revelation they realized death is not the end.
By Bob Laurie –

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