The Miracle of Change

I have heard it said, “There are two things in life that everyone must do; pay taxes and die.” There’s no disputing this but, there is something else we all must do. “Change.”  We all must encounter life-changing events that ultimately change us and society.

Most of us can think back to 911 and know that life for us changed in one way or another since that terrible day. It turned how we see other people, how we manage our finances, how we choose our words, how we take transportation. It affected everyone.

If you look back on history, it wasn’t only 911 that changed us; it was other events also like the Civil war, World Wars I & II, stock market crash, and many other events. The bad things will change us quickly and dramatically, whereas good changes (I’ll call them good changes for now) can change us slowly without the pain of sudden upheaval.  These changes are innovative, Electricity, radio, television, air conditioning, computers, etc. These innovations have changed our lives forever.

There are some people living today that lived through the good and bad events I mentioned (well maybe not the civil war) and lived to an amazing age that each of us hopes to get too. The changes didn’t kill them, but most would tell you it changed them. Before air conditioning, people assembled in their neighborhoods on a hot summer’s night, now all you hear is the hum of air conditions. Before computer games, kids played sports outside regularly. Today it’s rare to find kids playing outside.

How many events do you remember in your life that changed you and society? If you are under 18 today, you probably don’t remember many dramatic changes, but you are about to encounter one of the most significant life-changing events of anyone’s lifetime; the Coronavirus or Covid-19. This worldwide calamity will change lives forever. I’m not sure what long-lasting changes will occur, but I believe things like shaking hands or a kiss on the cheek will be a thing of the past.

I contemplated my dramatic life changes, and what I realized is encouraging.

Bad things dramatically change our lives, like war and economic disaster, but usually have a good long-range outcome like a better society through unity. However, the so-called good changes that make us comfortable and happy can have an adverse long-term effect.

I know what you’re thinking; What the hell is he talking about?

Electricity is a wonderful invention, and it would be hard to imagine a world without it. However, it allowed for air conditioning that isolated neighbors, and it allowed for television that would further isolate us and then computers and social media that became the ultimate reason for isolation.  In the last decade, isolation changed society and not in a good way.  We’ve all witnessed the divide among people of this nation and the world. I say that as a baby boomer. There are no more shades of gray when others express their views, and there are no more compromises when people don’t agree. People have closed their ears to dialog if it doesn’t fall in line with their thinking. The thing I found most disturbing was the nonstop hurtful and mean rhetoric expanded to our family and friends.

Then came Covid -19.

While living amid Covid-19, I see fantastic change taking place. Government figures that rarely had anything good to say about each other are now complementing the efforts each is making to overcome the covid-19 virus. I see people going out of their way to unite with others by quarantining themselves to keep everyone safe. This is amazing and reassuring that the supreme being of the universe is in control. I want people to get the message about our Almighty Creator, who has many names by many religions. The Creator and the maintainer of the universe. As shown in many

 events all through history, the Creator forced dramatic change on us, but this time the Creator separated us so we can unite.

Many people are frightened today for themselves and their loved ones.  We don’t know how or when the pandemic will end, but it will. Take this time to find your inner peace and soften your heart. We all need each other all the time and not just in a dramatic life-changing event.  Don’t condemn others for their ideals but find a way to communicate and find common ground. If we can do this, then the changes that Covid -19 brought us had a purpose and the world will be a better place for years to come,

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